Best three months group

acknowledge what matters most

Gain a deeper perspective on death and dying and create a plan stating your end of life wishes.

Death is a natural part of life.  100% of us are going to die, yet only 25% plan for it.  That leaves a lot of room for the unexpected and unwanted.

How do you want to be cared for near the end of your life?
Can you communicate this with others in a clear and thoughtful way?
If you can’t advocate for yourself, can your loved ones advocate on your behalf?
Do you know what your end-of-life choices and rights are?

If you received a diagnosis today, and you had 3 months to live, what would you want for the end of your life?

Imagine receiving this news and not having any idea how you want to be cared for.  You’re overwhelmed with the situation and all the decisions you need to make in the next 3 months.

Now imagine you aren’t able to advocate for yourself and someone you love has to step in and make decisions for you.  You’ve never had any conversations about something like this.  To add to the shock, they’re also feeling frazzled because they don’t know what you want.  They are worried.  Are they doing the right thing?  Are your wishes being fulfilled?

There’s no way to know. 

No decision is a decision!
Don’t put yourself in a position of making decisions from a state of shock.
Don’t let your family be torn apart because you never made your wishes known.
Don’t allow someone you don’t even know to make decisions for you.
This is a reality that happens far too often.

You have probably experienced the death of a loved one.  Even if you weren’t intimately involved you observed things.  Did they die alone or unsupported?  Did they die in a way they didn’t want?  As a result, you’ve probably thought to yourself, I don’t want to die that way.  Why not plan for what you do want for the end of your life?  Let’s start now!

What matters most to you?

What type of physical care do you want to receive?  What do you not want?

How do you want to be supported in your spiritual life?  What are your beliefs?

Are there any relationships you’d like to focus on?  Who do you want to be with you?

What meaning has come from your life?  How do you want to be remembered?

How do you want your body to be cared for when you die?  How do you want to be honored?

Best Three Months is a small group facilitation that helps you explore and find answers to questions like those.

It’s a 7 week online journey exploring what it means to live fully with an awareness of your own mortality.  Throughout this experience, you imagine that you have 3 months to live.  With this urgency in mind, we explore what you hold most precious in your heart and soul.

Each week we will meet to explore and discuss what matters most to you and what you want most at the end of your life in relation to these 5 areas:

Physical:  Creating comfort, safety, and healing environment
Spiritual:  Honoring beliefs and practices
Emotional:  Honoring feelings and relationships
Legacy:  Life purpose review & gleaning life’s meaning
Practical After Death Care:  Honoring the body and family after death

Prior to our weekly class, I will offer a series of personal reflection questions related to each of the areas of life.  In addition to facilitating a rich conversation, I will share video clips, book excerpts, poetry, and other resources to enrich your experience.  

At the end of this course, you will have created your personalized plan in each of the five areas of life. You will be able to carry this plan forward throughout your life as you change and grow.  It can be edited as needed.

Best Three Months is for you if:

You are looking for a supportive environment to explore your own life and death
You are experiencing a life-limiting illness
Your loved one is facing a life-limiting illness
You want to be proactive in creating a holistic plan for you and your loved ones
You work in a wellness or healthcare environment
You are a caregiver or support person at the end of life
You are a curious human and want to talk about death and dying in a supportive environment


Discover more about who you truly are
Identify and focus on what matters most
Explore your end of life desires, beliefs, and wishes
Have meaningful conversations about death with others
Be with the emotions that arise
Practice loving-kindness
Create a holistic end of life vision and care plan

The Next Group Session will be offered in may

We gather on Zoom for introduction, orientation, and opening ceremony.  Following that, I email your first week of reflection questions and inspiration.  Each week we will continue to gather on Zoom and the following weeks will be unveiled as we go.  The final class will be a closing ritual ceremony.

Join the waiting list for updates on the May class.

What’s Included

7 live Zoom gatherings – weekly (60-90 minutes)

Reflection questions for each of the 5 domains

Vision Map to track your reality, vision, and goals

Guidance & coaching regarding goals

Weekly grounding & centering practices

Guided visualization and ritual practices

Reflective journaling and writing prompts

Inspirational quotes, poetry & book excerpts

Healing circle and ritual closing ceremony


End of life resource list to continue your journey

At some point, we will all face death.

If we plan for it, when we come to the place where decisions have to be made, they can be made from a place of clarity, love, and confidence. 

The majority of us live in death-avoidant cultures and we don’t have conversations about dying, death, and end-of-life wishes.  It’s time to change that.

This course is a deep dive and discovery process that will expand your awareness of choice, it will help you focus on what matters most, and by setting an example, it will help you and your loved ones imagine what whole and holistic living, caring, and dying can look like. 

Best Three Months is as much about living as it is about dying.

This course is not about creating advanced directives or other legal documents; although, we do reflect on advanced directives, health care power of attorney, DNR, POLST, and wills.  


$450.00 USD


Credit cards and PayPal are accepted. 
No payment plans available.
Conscious Dying Coaching is not counseling or therapy.  See POLICIES for more information.

This class is limited to 12 people.

All content and conversations will be held in confidentiality.  Therefore, no recordings of the sessions will be available.  You must attend live.

All are welcome.

About scholarships

Built on principles of prosperity, accessibility, inclusion, wellness, and sustainability, I’m offering partial scholarships to those who wish to participate but  are facing challenges or hardship.

If you or your organization are in a place of plenty and you would like to pay it forward, consider offering a scholarship to someone else that is facing challenges or hardship.

There are currently no scholarships available for this offering.  Please check back later.

I was hoping to meet myself deeper, explore how I would feel with those questions regarding the Best Three Months and how I would prepare.  My expectations were definitely met and I felt very safe and supported. The group felt so held and carried through with that authentic caring energy for the duration of the course.  It was an unexpected surprise how lovely and wonderful it felt to be back in a circle of women. That felt in itself very nourishing.  The biggest change I have witnessed in myself is that I can get calmer, centered, and return to gratitude more quickly.  I would sum of the experience by saying it was like being in life with gratitude and being with death in gratitude.

Marisa Ferro

Thank you so much!!  This is a life changing course.  It’s helped me much, guiding me into action on healing grief that I’d been resisting.  The way this course has manifested in my life is that I have more focus on priorities and less focus on distractions, I feel more mindful.  I loved the practices throughout the course and the I Am the Patient visualization was transformative for me.  I felt so safe and supported in your program.  You created a beautiful space of openness, courage, vulnerability, and reflection.  My hopes were beyond met!  This course is a game changer, life changer.

Lydia Romero Johnson

I wish your class lasted longer!  I enjoyed talking to everybody in the group and listening to all of them.  They all had great ideas and I liked how they all opened up and participated.  This has taught me how to deal and help others deal with great losses around me.  It has helped me a lot.  It was very informational and very detailed.  I know now that death isn’t just about dying.  I loved the centering and grounding at the beginning of each session.  It took me out of my hectic day and calmed me down before the session, which was really nice.  I would sum it all up by saying, Death is Beautiful.  You did and Amazing Job Rhea!!  I do believe you have found your calling.  Thank You for letting me a little part of it. 

Victoria Crane

 This program took me on a deeper journey than I ever expected in a very loving way.  I connected deeper with my spiritual beliefs and it brought up some emotional areas that I am keen to address with family members.  For a topic that can be so difficult and taboo that I have rarely (if ever) deeply opened up about, I felt so safe and supported to express my own views and learnings along the journey, without fear of judgement or being told what the ‘right’ beliefs are.  I loved how you took the lead in the most loving way Rhea, acknowledging everybody’s opinions and stories and also sharing your own was really insightful.  I’m so glad I followed my hunch to explore this with you Rhea.  I’ve taken so much from your sessions as well as the way you held space for us. A magical journey that people will get so much from if they are just brave enough to say yes to exploring it.  I would advise anyone to step closer to their fear of death, in order to find comfort, meaning and freedom for themselves and their loved ones.  I don’t have children but if I do, it will be a much more open conversation.

Abbie Fish

This was a wonderful class!  I feel like I gained a deeper perspective of death and dying.  The hands meditation and the meditation in the last class were both very powerful.  Also, the timed journaling we did once was very helpful for me.  I would describe the experience as beautiful, educational, and inspirational.

Britt W

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