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Conscious dying coaching isn’t just for those who have received a critical or terminal diagnosis, or for those that are actively dying.  This coaching process is for anyone who has a deeper curiosity for remembering, recognizing, and restoring death as a natural and sacred part of life.  Through a powerful end of life care and planning process called Best Three Months, I will support you through a reflective, conversational, and relational journey to discover and open awareness to the things that you hold most precious in your heart and soul.

Through the Best Three Months, we will work together through 5 domains of life.

Spiritual: Honoring beliefs and practices
Emotional: Greif, forgiveness, healing relationships
Physical:  Comforting care of body and healing environments
Life Purpose Review:  Gleaning life’s meaning
Practical After Death Care:  Care of the body and family after death

Best Three Months coaching is not an advanced directive, although we do reflect on advanced directives.  This conscious dying coaching process is a deep dive and discovery that is meant to expand awareness of choice, focus on what matters most, and help you and your loved ones imagine what whole and holistic living, caring, and dying can look like.  I will hold compassionate, loving, and sacred space for you as we discuss your current reality, explore the vision you would like to create and move forward with achievable goals and action steps to make your vision happen.


Discover more about who you truly are
Identify and focus on what matters most
Explore your end of life desires, beliefs, and wishes
Have meaningful conversations about death
Be with the emotions that arise
Practice loving-kindness
Create a holistic end of life vision and care plan

Conscious Dying Coaching is not counseling or therapy.  See POLICIES for more information.


Conscious dying

End of Life Coaching

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire
30 Minute Discovery Session
Reflective Journaling Prompts 
Five – 60-90 Minute Session
Sacred Wishes Documentation
Unlimited Email Support

Sessions will take place in person or via Zoom
(Due to COVID-19 all sessions are via Zoom)

Investment/Exchange = $1250.00 USD

See more details at the bottom of this page.

If you have received a critical or terminal diagnosis, I encourage you to explore a combination of conscious dying coaching and doula services.  You can find more about that HERE on my death doula page.

Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session

We will begin with a pre-coaching questionnaire.  This is an opportunity for me to get to know you better and for you to openly and honestly tell me about what you’d most like to accomplish from working with me.  The questionnaire is followed up by a 30-minute complimentary discovery call.  This call is to make sure that we are a great match for one another and will allow us to talk more in-depth about what you want to get out of coaching with me.  There is NO obligation at any part of the discovery stage.

Other details about coaching

When our coaching sessions begin, we will work together for five weeks with a one-week maximum spanning between sessions.  Our coaching sessions will take place via Zoom, a free video chat software.  You are welcome to reach out to me via email during any time in which we are working together.  I will also be sending you little notes of love, prayers, and words of encouragement along the way.


I have loved my past work in the field of death and dying, my life experiences, and my life stage. These were all influences of my choosing to working with Rhea. Even though I have experience with death, I didn’t have it all together. This process was the most comprehensive experience anyone can engage in. I would recommend it for anyone contemplating their immortality, especially good for thinking about advanced directives and legal trust documents.

The process has put the topic in conversation with lots of people and makes dying into everyday conversation. Death is part of life and we need to find ways to discuss it without strong emotion as it is at the time of death. Communication about the dying process has opened the door and my mind. This has challenged some thoughts I have adopted but am questioning now if those are my “truth.” I have been able to solidify thoughts and beliefs I have about death. I am more open to discussion with anyone, including those at work and kids and grandchildren.

I am preparing with the feeling of completeness and love. This is ‘life’ (death) changing.

Laurita Burbach

I had no idea what to expect regarding the Best Three Months, but I know it would be interesting! After I’d done the questionnaire, I was much more excited about the sessions. It was such a thought-provoking exercise! My favorite part of our sessions together was the centering and grounding practice. It was a wonderful way to slow down my brain and refocus for an important conversation.

The Best Three Months has absolutely made it easier for me to talk about death and dying with my friends and loved ones. It’s a great way to frame a conversation and it brought up questions for me that I hadn’t considered before. I recognize that I have a responsibility to make my needs and wants known. That I have (some-more than I’d realized!) control over how I leave this life and how I live it. It’s been an ongoing realization for me as I’ve aged, but these conversations have driven that home.

I’d sum up the Best Three Months as intriguing, inspiring, and thoughtful.

Peg Kusner


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