End Of Life Training

Apprenticeship with Death

End of life practitioner training

You may have heard an End of Life Doula referred to as a Death Doula or a Death Midwife.  These labels are interchangeable.  End of Life Doulas work in a variety of ways, but generally, we are trained professionals that provide expert guidance with end of life planning at any stage of life and nonmedical support from initial diagnosis through after death care and bereavement.  If you are interested in being trained as an End of Life Doula, you can find an upcoming training at the Center for Conscious Living Conscious Dying or by clicking this link to take you there www.consciouslivingconsciousdying.com

Apprenticeship with Death, the End of Life Practitioner training, will be available in late summer or early fall 2023. 

End of Life Doulas

  • Have meaningful, open, and honest conversations about the dying process and death
  • Provide education and guidance related to healthcare agents, durable power of attorneys, do-not-resuscitate orders, and advance care plans
  • Bring awareness to the variety of choices the dying person may not be aware of
  • Carryout plans for how the dying person’s environment is supportive through the senses
  • Allow the dying person and their support system to be present with and make meaning of the time left
  • Provide 24/7 care in conjunction with other teams like home health, palliative, and hospice care
  • Support in mending relationships, promoting peace, lessening anxiety, and encouraging self reflection
  • Affirm loving kindness in alignment with spiritual and religious beliefs and values
  • Attend bedside to support the active dying process so no one dies alone unless they choose
  • Accompany loss, grief, and sorrow leading up to, during, and after death
  • Create ways to honor the life and legacy of the person who died

What if a death here is a birth in the spirit world?

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