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Restoring death to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery, and celebration of life.

I am a Conscious Dying Educator, Coach & Sacred Passage End of Life Doula.  It is my mission to invite grief, sorrow, and fear out of the shadows, in which they have been cast away, and embrace the experience of death and dying as part of being wholly human.  When we embrace all parts of the human experience, not only the positive aspects of life, we also embrace the sacred responsibility of remembering who we are.  Holy and Whole.

Through conscious dying coaching, I help people discover what death has to teach us about fully living.  I also combine my coaching work with end of life doula services to help clients and their loved ones imagine and create an end of life care plan that goes beyond advanced directives.  We bring attention and awareness to our hearts and what matters the most in life and death in order to create a fulfilling vision of what we want now, during our dying time, and after death.  

Below are the ways I would be honored to support you.



Work with me using a powerful end of life care planning process called, Best Three Months.  Together we explore 5 domains of life to create your personalized plan.

Spiritual: Honoring beliefs and practices
Emotional: Greif, forgiveness, healing relationships
Physical:  Comforting care of body and healing environments
Legacy: Life purpose review & gleaning life’s meaning
Practical After Death Care:  Care of the body and family after death

This is a reflective, conversational, and relational journey to discovering and opening awareness to the things that you hold most precious in your heart and soul.


sacred passage end of life doula

I offer non-medical care and support for individuals and their loved ones during life-limiting illness and the dying process by filling in care gaps before, nearing, and during death.

Here are some of the ways I help:
Increase beauty, pleasure, and contentment
Provide emotional and spiritual support
Initiate conversations about the dying process
Guidance through the stages of the dying process
Comfort, support, and companionship
Increase quality of life moments
Allow loved ones to focus on what’s most important
Advocate for the dying person



Increasing end of life conversations within communities, hospice, healthcare systems, adult care homes, churches, schools, parent groups, or anyone who wants to have meaningful conversations exploring death and the dying process through a wisdom-based, caring, and healing model.

In-Person Workshops
Online Facilitated Courses
Guest speaking
Death Cafe’
Living Funeral Ceremonies
Ritual Healing Circles 

I had no idea what to expect regarding the Best Three Months, but I know it would be interesting! After I’d done the questionnaire, I was much more excited about the sessions. It was such a thought-provoking exercise! My favorite part of our sessions together was the centering and grounding practice. It was a wonderful way to slow down my brain and refocus for an important conversation.

The Best Three Months has absolutely made it easier for me to talk about death and dying with my friends and loved ones. It’s a great way to frame a conversation and it brought up questions for me that I hadn’t considered before. I recognize that I have a responsibility to make my needs and wants known. That I have (some-more than I’d realized!) control over how I leave this life and how I live it. It’s been an ongoing realization for me as I’ve aged, but these conversations have driven that home.

I’d sum up the Best Three Months as intriguing, inspiring, and thoughtful.

Peg Kusner

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