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Part of my mission in the end of life arena is to increase conversation about death and dying so that we can approach the subject with more ease.  Death is a natural part of life and 100% of us will die.  Only about 25% of people plan for their death which leaves a lot of room for the unexpected and unwanted.  Most people experience fear on some level when it comes to dying and death.  Much of the fear and anxiety that arises around death and dying has to do with to following:

Fear of the unknown
Worry about loved ones
Confusion about the dying process
Leaving behind an unfinished life
Not knowing what to do or say
Misconceptions about grief and sorrow
Uncertainty about where we go when we die
Afraid death will be painful
Fear of judgment and punishment in the afterlife

I offer a practical and soulful approach to opening the conversation around death and dying.  Together, we can change the narrative from fear and avoidance to reverence and awe.

Here are some of my current offerings.


Best Three Months Group


A 7-week online journey exploring what it means to live fully with an awareness of your own mortality.  Each week we will meet to explore and discuss what matters most to you and what you want most at the end of your life.

At the end of this course you will have created your personalized plan in five areas of life: physical, spiritual, emotional, legacy, and practical after death care.  This course is as much about living as it is about dying.

This group is limited to 11 people.  I honor all cultural and spiritual beliefs. All content and conversations will be held in confidentiality.


A Cup of Care

Monthly Care circle

On the 4th Tuesday of the month, we will gather in a virtual community for tea (or coffee or whatever you want to fill your cup with).

This is a facilitated discussion with no objective or outcome.  Simply food for thought for increased awareness.  A new topic will be presented each month and will always relate to making a connection to our finite, mortal life while we inhabit a body.

This circle is ideal for anyone that wants to explore life through the lens of death and dying.



initiate transformation

Living funerals. or mock funerals, started in South Korea as a way to initiate a new view on life.  This living funeral is a guided facilitation created to initiate a transformation within participants.  It’s a 2-hour online experience.  Although this is a group session, you are able to participate in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

This ceremony is for anyone that is experiencing a life transition and is ready to symbolically let go of the old and welcome the new.  This may be a new job, a divorce, moving to a new location, healthcare diagnosis, starting a new relationship, etc.  No matter where you are in life, this is your rebirth



Are you wanting to increase end of life conversations within your community, hospice service, home health organization, healthcare system, senior living facility, church, school, parent or civic group? I’d love to facilitate a meaningful conversation exploring the death and the dying process through a wisdom-based, caring, and healing model.  I’m also happy to share what the role of a death doula is at the end of life.

I wish your class lasted longer!  I enjoyed talking to everybody in the group and listening to all of them.  They all had great ideas and I liked how they all opened up and participated.  This has taught me how to deal and help others deal with great losses around me.  It has helped me a lot!  It was very informational and very detailed.  I know now that death isn’t just about dying.  I loved the centering and grounding at the beginning of each session.  It took me out of my hectic day and calmed me down before the session, which was really nice.  I would sum it all up by saying, Death is Beautiful.  You did and Amazing Job Rhea!!  I do believe you have found your calling.  Thank You for letting me a little part of it. 

Victoria Crane

Heart Centering, Earth & Source Meditation

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