Josh Henges: Homelessness, Veterans & Community

Mar 21, 2019 | Podcast, Social Justice

Josh henges:  On a mission to end homelessness

My special guest for this episode of Haven is Josh Henges.  Josh has worked in the nonprofit world for about the last 14 years and he has been connected to services for homeless much of that time.  Josh is currently the Director of Clinical services at Veterans Community Project in Kansas City.

Veterans Community Project is on a mission to end veteran homelessness and you’ll hear in today’s episode just how passionate about that Josh is.  Josh says ending homelessness happens when we start to think differently about homelessness.

Veterans Community Project is thinking about homelessness differently and they are creating opportunities for homeless veterans to address the underlying causes of their situations.  Veterans Community Project is a community of transitional tiny-homes and onsite services that allow veterans to gain stability, access counseling, and integrate into the community.

You know when you speak to someone and you can feel the energy and passion they have for what they do?  That’s the energy I felt the first time I spoke with Josh.  That’s the energy you will feel listening to Josh speak about homelessness in this episode of Haven.  He’s definitely living out a calling and creating change for homelessness.  I know your heart will be as open as mine was when you listen to Josh speak this truth.

The video I refer to in my conversation with Josh can be found HERE.  Please take a moment to watch.

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In this episode:

  • Josh’s fascination with homelessness starts at age 5
  • Josh’s passion for homelessness grows more in college and he starts a program that lives on today
  • A little history on homelessness
  • Pull yourself up by your bootstraps idea does not work
  • Homeless youth and the chaos at home that leads to their situations
  • Homelessness in veterans – a sense of connection or lack of and isolation
  • A family isn’t always defined by blood and the first family
  • Veterans Community Project and their mission

Connect with the featured guest:

Connect with Josh Henges on LinkedIn
Veterans Community Project Website

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