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Let’s Create Your Haven

If you are someone who has a desire to be of service, help others, and care for Mother Earth, then Haven is for you. Haven is a place to find inspiration and receive medicine from people who are walking their path and living fully in their mission. The stories and information offered through Haven are meant to encourage awareness, compassion, healing, and open your heart to become more one in the flow of life. You will hear Rhea Mader and special guests speak open-heartedly on a wide range of topics from holistic lifestyle, healing practices, Earth connection, philanthropy, spirituality, and so much more.

Creating Space EBook Heal Your Environment Invite Joy

CREATING SPACE:  5 Ways to Heal Your Environment & Invite Joy

AMY KAY PAVLOVICH: It’s Never Just Retail With Fair Trade

It's Never Just Retail With Fair Trade I love this episode and the way Amy Kay Pavlovich shares with us how fair trade is part of her ministry and faith.  Many of us are at least familiar with what fair trade is but we may not know all of the inner workings of what...

NICHOLE KAIN: Home and Place Project & Aging in Place

Living at Home Longer with Joy In 2016 I earned the CLIPP (Certified Living in Place Professional) appellation.  During the training we spoke and learned about the importance of collaborating with other professionals in order to create the best possible outcome for...

SUSAN INGLIS: Sustainable Furnishings, What’s It Made Of?

It's Susan Inglis from the Sustainable Furnishings Council! You will hear at the beginning of this episode how excited I was to be interviewing Susan Inglis, Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.  I tried to keep it cool but I am such an...

PETER BLANCHARD: Nature Photography and Healing Art

Evidence-Based Nature Art for Healing Peter C Blanchard is a nature photographer and the founder of Manifest Photo.  Through his artistic eye and the lens of a camera, Peter captures the natural beauty of Mother Nature and creates art that heals.  Peter is committed...

ANTHONY CIRILLO: The Aging Experience, Just Rock It!

Smiles, Aging, & the Healthcare Experience Anthony Cirillo is the founder of The Aging Experience where he helps seniors and caregivers live a quality life through education on aging - physical, emotional, and financial.  Anthony is the author of a blog, Educated...

AN INTRODUCTION: Health + Environment = Wellbeing

Rhea's Haven is live. The road to launching the podcast has been longer than I anticipated, but I am happy to say it's here.  I am over the moon excited to share the amazing conversations I am having with all kinds of exceptional people.  They're helpers, they're...

Creating Space EBook Heal Your Environment Invite Joy

CREATING SPACE:  5 Ways to Heal Your Environment & Invite Joy

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