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Haven is a place to find inspiration and recieve medicine from people who are walking their path and living fully in their mission.  The stories and information offered through Haven are meant to encourage awareness, compassion, healing, and open your heart to become more one in the flow of life.

In these episodes we speak open-heartedly.  We are healers, helpers and Earth lovers, who are going after our dreams, inspiring others, and serving our communities with more love and more joy.  Join me, because I know this is you too.


Earth Love: Mindful Living & Design

Earth love: Mindful Living & Design I just wrapped up my CEU's for my LEED certification last week.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy Efficient Design. When I finished my Interior Architecture and Design degree, I knew that my next step would be to pursue...

Mindful Living and Design | Environmentally Aware

Remembering & Renewing Sacred Dreams

remembering & renewing sacred dreams Season 2 of the Haven podcast is live.  I feel like I say this 100 times over, but, I'm so excited!  I'm especially excited for this season because I am stepping into some new ways of being.  Some of these new ways are...

Remembering Renewing Sacred Dreams Haven Podcast


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