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May 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

The gift of design in the midst of childhood medical crisis

Susan Wintersteen is the founder of Savvy Giving by Design, a non-profit organization that creates specially designed rooms for children facing a medical crisis.  Susan’s journey and growth of Savvy Giving by Design started with an ask for someone a child in her community facing a cancer diagnosis.  A friend organizing a food train and Susan, admittedly not a cook, offered to do a room reno instead.  The family accepted and Susan was hooked. Often times people facing serious medical crisis spend lots of time in their bedrooms and Susan sees the importance of the bedroom is a place of retreat and healing.  Through the non-profit, donations, and vendor contributions Susan is able to create rooms for select families at no cost to them and she never wants the families to feel like they own anything in return. Susan is growing the non-profit and her goal is to have a chapter in every state by 2020.  To see some of the rooms created by Susan and the team at Savvy Giving by Design visit the website at
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In this episode:

  • Susan’s excitement for growing Savvy Giving by Design into other areas of the United States
  • How Susan doesn’t cook but does donate room designs 🙂
  • How Savvy Giving by Design was started and the importance of having an experienced liaison and board of directors
  • The selection process for a Savvy Giving project
  • How the transformation happens
  • Donations, giving and how you can help

Connect with the featured guest:

[bctt tweet="When you’re working in somebody's home and especially somebody's bedroom, it’s a very intimate, very private space and I wanted to be very cautious about our approach. – Susan Wintersteen"] [bctt tweet="I want to give a gift that can’t be repaid. If anything, when they are past this crisis in their life I want them to pay it forward in some other way. Whatever their way of choosing is. – Susan Wintersteen"]

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