The Long Dark Night

The time is ripe for change as we enter the longest night of the year.  The harvest has been gathered and the warm glow of candlelight illuminates the dark as we turn inward.  Deep rest and dreams are calling.

You’re invited to be with stillness and honor the quiet power of the winter solstice.  Together in community, we immerse ourselves in an evening dedicated to restorative rest, introspection, and healing.

We will experience yoga Nidra, meditation, a sound bath, and reflective journaling for grief.  This is a time of reduction and emptying the cup so we may fill it with our inner radiance as we patiently await the returning light. 

Join us as we honor the magic of the winter solstice, finding peace and renewal in the midst of the season’s quiet beauty.  Space available for 15.  All are welcome.

These items are available at Elysium Studios:
Yoga mat, bolster, and blanket.

If you desire additional support or props please bring them along with the following:
Journal and pen, something to place on our collective altar, and a photo of someone you’re honoring through grief.

Date:  Friday, 12/22/23
Time:  6:30 to 8 PM CT
Exchange:  $30
Place:  Elysium Studios, 112 S Main St, McPherson KS

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