Rhea Mader

Conscious Living : Conscious Dying

Holding sacred space for life and death transitions and finding the wisdom in being fully alive.

My work is to honor life by helping people get authentically present in the way they live and die.  In my work with end of life, one thing has become abundantly clear.  When we transform our relationship with death, we also transform our relationship with life.

It is my deepest heartfelt wish that you find grace and peace on all levels of this earthly journey.  I’d love to walk with you, and even if we never meet, I hope the gifts I offer here can be of service to you. 

It’s time to stand in the power of your truest self

What are some of the beliefs, concepts, or teachings that have led you to be who you are today?  Have they been helpful or harmful?

I’m Rhea (pronounced ree-uh), and I work with courageous, curious, creative, and compassionate souls that are ready to be guided by their own intuitive wisdom to claim their autonomy through living and dying.

This work is potent, and I will not pretend that it is easy, but I ask this.  What if we led with love in the face of living and dying instead of fear?  What if I compassionately guide you to discover what matters most to you in your last 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, or 30 years?

My invitation to you is to start living the life you dream of and planning the death that will be your final gift of living.  This may require you to reject the entire notion of normal and make a departure from the status quo, but it’s all there inside of you, you just need to remember.

Kind Words

I had been trying to figure out how to proceed in my business, stop doubting myself, and become more confident in my ideas and dreams.  Your coaching style gave me permission to dream and feel value in my style of doing things.  I’m so very thankful for your loving spirit, your calmness, and kindness.

~ Ana

Kind Words

I was at a crossroad not knowing my purpose in life beyond being a mom and wife.  I’ve known for some time that I needed a positive movement, I just didn’t know how to do it on my own.  She is able to connect deeply, free from judgment and criticism, and communicates in a way that is meaningful and truthful.

~ Shawna

Kind Words

I was feeling somewhat stuck and lacking the fuel to propel my dreams forward.  I wanted direction and help to focus in a way that would be inspiring and authentic.  Now I recognize and cherish the talents and skills I possess and see that they are of value to myself as well as others.  My confidence has blossomed professionally and personally.

~ Jecks

Kind Words

When I first reached out for Reiki, I had so much stress and was doubting my purpose in life.  I didn’t know anything about Reiki so I was kind of nervous not knowing what to expect but also very excited.  The thing that shifted for me was being able to look for and accept a new job.  I felt clarity and had insight and after a 21-year career, I’m so excited about my new job and finding work/life balance.

~ Ericka

Kind Words

By the end of our first session, any fears or nerves about working with Rhea were gone.  I felt like she already knew me.  She was welcoming, kind and gentle, and I felt instantly loved.  She was able to hold space for me without any judgement, and I really needed that.  Rhea helped me to find my own routines and practices that would help me see myself, hear myself and believe in myself.

~ Erin

Kind Words

The biggest change I have seen for myself is that I trust in the Universe.  I consistently practice calling in source energy every day and that has made my decisions immensely easier to make because I am not as stuck in my head about them. Thank you for your gentle, supportive and easeful way of showing up as my coach.

~ Taylor

Kind Words

This has challenged some thoughts I have adopted but am questioning now if those are my “truth.” I have been able to solidify thoughts and beliefs I have about death. I am more open to discussion with anyone, including those at work and kids and grandchildren.  I am preparing with the feeling of completeness and love. This is ‘life’ (death) changing.

~ Laurita

Kind Words

I recognize that I have a responsibility to make my needs and wants known. That I have (some-more than I’d realized!) control over how I leave this life and how I live it. It’s been an ongoing realization for me as I’ve aged, but these conversations have driven that home.

~ Peg

Kind Words

For a topic that can be so difficult and taboo that I have rarely (if ever) deeply opened up about, I felt so safe and supported to express my own views and learnings along the journey, without fear of judgment or being told what the ‘right’ beliefs are.  I loved how you took the lead in the most loving way Rhea, acknowledging everybody’s opinions and stories and also sharing your own was really insightful.  I’m so glad I followed my hunch to explore this with you Rhea.

~ Abbie

Kind Words

This was a wonderful class!  I feel like I gained a deeper perspective of death and dying.  The hands meditation and the meditation in the last class were both very powerful.  Also, the timed journaling we did once was very helpful for me.  I would describe the experience as beautiful, educational, and inspirational.

~ Britt

Kind Words

I was hoping to meet myself deeper, explore how I would feel with those questions regarding the Best Three Months and how I would prepare.  My expectations were definitely met and I felt very safe and supported.  I would sum of the experience by saying it was like being in life with gratitude and being with death in gratitude.

~ Marisa

Kind Words

The way this course has manifested in my life is that I have more focus on priorities and less focus on distractions, I feel more mindful.  I felt so safe and supported in your program.  You created a beautiful space of openness, courage, vulnerability, and reflection.  My hopes were beyond met!  This course is a game changer, life changer.

~ Lydia

What if we let go of the story of how it’s supposed to look?

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