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The Healing Energy of Reiki

We all have the natural ability to connect with life force energy.  It’s in and around all of us and we can use that connection to heal and strengthen ourselves.  Our soul knows this and never forgets, but our physical self sometimes loses sight of this as we live our daily lives.  My gift is holding loving and non-judgemental space for another as they enter a sacred space of remembering their wholeness.  Reiki activates what is already in us, balances our energy, and aligns us with our greatest truth.  We are love.

If you are unfamiliar with Reiki, it’s pronounced ray-key.  It is a Japanese healing art for reducing stress, inviting relaxation and promoting healing.  There is no religion or religious practice that is associated with Reiki.  It is the harmonizing of life energy that flows through all living things.  If your life energy is low, there is often a physical and/or emotional imbalance.  If your life energy is high, it is strong and flowing freely and your physical and emotional state of wellbeing is also strong, balanced, and flowing freely.

A Reiki Session Explained

Your session is personalized but these standard practices apply.

The session takes place with you resting comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, face up with shoes off.  A session can also be given seated or in other ways that allow for special circumstances.

A session can be given with me gently laying my hands on you or with my hands just above your body if you prefer not to be touched.

I will move through standard hand placements starting at your head and moving to your feet.

You may feel warmth and relaxation or energized and invigorated.  Each person will experience a session in different ways.  At times emotions may arise as you release and let go.  It’s helpful to allow these emotions to surface and move through the body.

During and/or after the session, things may come to the surface, such as words, phrases, dreams, or visitations.  Journaling about the experience is helpful.  If your intention is healing unwanted habits you may experience detoxifying effects afterward as you release and let go.

You should drink plenty of water before and after your session.  Eating healthy and healing foods is also beneficial.

After your session is over Reiki will continue to assist in balancing your energy and bring harmony and vitality in your life.

Reiki is a valuable technique for wellness and wellbeing.  It’s great for stress reduction and relaxation and it is being used more and more in hospice, hospital and healthcare settings as a complementary tool to traditional medicine.  Reiki is not a cure for illness and disease, it is a modality to bring greater peace and harmony and assist the body in facilitating healing.

In-Person Reiki Session

60-90 minutes @ my studio

Enjoy Reiki with the option of aromatherapy, crystal energy, and soothing sounds.



House Call Reiki Session

60-90 minutes @ your residence

Blissful Reiki for those who want an in-person experience but are unable to leave their home, live in a senior care home, are experiencing an extended medical stay, or are in hospice care.


Distance Reiki Session

30-45 minutes via phone or video

Relax in the comfort of your own space while I connect with you and send you Reiki energy remotely.  Details on how you will prepare will be emailed to you prior to your session.


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