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I hold space for life and death transitions and help people find the wisdom of being fully alive.  I guide and support people as they practice and learn to hold space for themselves through expanded self-awareness, and love for what is, has been and what could be.  My zone of genius is big picture visioning, complemented by an ability to home in on the important details that help move from chaos to clarity.  As a deeply empathic person, I am a meaning maker, a peaceful warrior of change, and a wisdom seeker.  I believe that wisdom is best uncovered in vulnerable places of meaning and purpose.  The people I work with are courageous and brave and willing to do the hard work of diving deep to discover (as Mary Oliver writes) what they “plan to do with your one wild and precious life”.  And I would also add death.

On this website, I serve people one to one and in small groups.  You can find these offerings and links to more details below.

At the Center for Conscious Living Conscious Dying, I serve people through courses and other group offerings.  You can visit the website by clicking this link or going to

Commitment to equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion

I’m doing my best to bring about systemic change through active learning, deep listening, and deconditioning.  I am a cis-gendered, able-bodied, white woman living in Lindsborg, Kansas, United States.  I come from the sacred grasslands of western Kansas.  The land that my ancestors settled and have tended for five generations belongs to the “wind people” of the Kaw nation, who were forcibly removed from their lands many times to live in present day Kaw City, Oklahoma.  The land I currently live on in Lindsborg, Kansas, is also land that rightfully belongs to the Kaw nation.  I am a descendant of German, Swedish, Danish, Irish, English, and Scottish peoples.  I offer my humble gratitude and acknowledgment to the cultural traditions, medicine, rituals, ceremony, and meaningful rites of passage of the wise ones that came before me.  I call for help to build and sustain embodied presence, conscious living, diversity, care for Mother Earth, all living beings, and sacred dying.


As someone who takes part in movements for change in life and death, I also rise in responsibility for the change I want to see in ethical marketing practices, fair access, and livable earnings.  I put people before the sale, communicate truthfully, and work to ensure I benefit the common good.  Built on principles of prosperity, accessibility, inclusion, wellness, and sustainability, when funds are available, I offer partial scholarships to those who wish to take part but are facing challenges or hardship.  If you or your organization are in a place of plenty, and you would like to pay it forward, consider paying it forward through a scholarship for others that are facing challenges or hardship.

What if you are the one you are waiting for?

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