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Personalized support for heart-centric entrepreneurs who need support and guidance in building their unique vision of a soulful business.  

At 16 years of age, I began an apprenticeship in business, not knowing that the skills I learned in organization, financial accounting, and data management would be the foundational skills I carry with me today.  Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, but it’s easier and more rewarding when it’s built on a strong foundation.  

In addition to more than a decade of creating, building, and managing my own businesses, I have experience coaching and contracting with technical and creative service-based businesses to help them find and align their vision, strategy, and action plan in a way that feels more joyful, sustainable, and easeful. 

A client I was working with on business management and organizational support systems told me I am a unicorn because of my gift to envision the big picture and help find the action needed to move the needle.  After 20 years of business, she’s got systems in place to help her level up.

Clarify Your Vision & Goals
Identify Your Ideal Client
Build & Articulate Your Brand Presence
Embrace Your Authentic Traits
Create & Manage Your Boundaries
Define Your Service Offerings
Creating Workflows for Time Management
Systems for Business Management
Client Relationship Management Systems
Creating Proposals & Contracts
Working for Profit
Identifying Factors Contributing to Derailment

Single Session

Detailed questionnaire
1 90-minute session
5 days of email support
1 30-minute follow-up session
Investment/Exchange = $350.00 USD

3 Month Mentorship series

Detailed questionnaire
6 bi-weekly, 60-minute sessions
3 months email and voice message support
Investment/Exchange = $2100.00 USD

Complimentary call

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Kind Words

I had been trying to figure out how to proceed in my business, stop doubting myself, and become more confident in my ideas and dreams.  Your coaching style gave me permission to dream and feel value in my style of doing things.  I’m so very thankful for your loving spirit, your calmness, and kindness.

~ Ana

Kind Words

I was feeling somewhat stuck and lacking the fuel to propel my dreams forward.  I wanted direction and help to focus in a way that would be inspiring and authentic.  Now I recognize and cherish the talents and skills I possess and see that they are of value to myself as well as others.  My confidence has blossomed professionally and personally.

~ Jecks

Kind Words

Everything she did was focused on strategies that would work specifically for me, and make me excited to continue doing. 

~ Erin

Kind Words

During our initial consult, you seemed really tuned into the way I was feeling.  I particularly remember you noticing that my face lit up when I was talking about something I was passionate about, which I very much appreciated. I knew I wanted to say yes to coaching with you.

~ Taylor

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