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Guest Pitches for Rhea’s Haven Podcast:

Love you some Haven?  Have a message you want to share?  There are some criteria.  Are you a Healer, Helper, and Earth Lover?  Are you wickedly creative, a divergent thinker, and of highest service to people and planet?  Yes!  Fill out the pitch form and I will be in touch.

Do you know someone that should be a guest?  You’re welcome to pitch them too.

The only way to be considered is to fill out the pitch form HERE

When your pitch is reviewed an email will be sent to you to schedule a virtual meet up.

If your intention for being a guest is for business or self-promotion, Haven is not for you.  I only want to share the messages of people who are aligned with the values of Haven.  See above.

Creating Space EBook Heal Your Environment Invite Joy

CREATING SPACE:  5 Ways to Heal Your Environment & Invite Joy

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