End Of Life

coaching, planning & Doula

End of life coaching, Planning & doula

You may have heard an End of Life Doula referred to as a Death Doula or a Death Midwife.  These labels are interchangeable.  End of Life Doulas work in a variety of ways, but generally, we are trained professionals that provide expert guidance with end of life planning at any stage of life and nonmedical support from initial diagnosis through after death care and bereavement.  End of Life Doulas aren’t licensed to provide medical help, but we do advocate for our client’s medical wishes as a part of a holistic, interdisciplinary care team. The doula model of care is person centered and inclusive of what matters most to the dying person.

The service offers below outlines how I offer care and support for individuals and their loved ones during critical times, terminal illness, and the dying process.  I offer guidance, compassion, and a loving presence to help to increase the quality of life moments for the person dying person and how they have stated they want to experience comfort, beauty, healing, and peace at the end of their life.  I honor religious or non-religious beliefs and am happy to incorporate aspects of ritual into the dying time and after. 

In commitment to greater equity and accessibility, I work on a sliding scale.  I ask that you honestly reflect on your monetary resources to invest/exchange what you are able.  If you cannot meet the minimum rate, I’m willing to discuss how we can find an exchange that works for both of us.

End of life Coaching

wishes & care planning

Investment/Exchange = $1,200.00 USD
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End of Life Doula

Planning & Attendance

Investment/Exchange = $1,500.00 – $4,000.00 USD
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Create a holistic end of life vision and care plan

I work with people far before plans are needed and people who have received a critical or terminal diagnosis.  Together, we determine your end of life wishes and care plans using an in-depth coaching model comprising the following six pillars:

  • Physical:  Receiving care and creating comfort and beauty
  • Spiritual:  Honoring beliefs and practices
  • Emotional:  Honoring feelings and relationships
  • Legacy:  Meaning making and what we leave behind
  • After Death Care:  Honoring the body and celebrating life
  • Life Systems:  Remembering our eternal connection to Mother Earth

This model isn’t a sterilized approach to end of life.  I ask you to step outside the box with me to explore a personalized, meaningful approach to the end of life.  This discovery process is meant to expand your awareness of choice, focus on what matters most, and help you imagine what a nonmedicalized, whole person approach to dying can look like.

End of life Coaching

wishes & care planning

Initial Consultation
6 Coaching Sessions (60-90 minutes each)
Reflection Journaling Questions
Planning Workbook
Creation of Vision Map Stating Wishes
Sessions will take place in person or via Zoom
Meetings frequency will be based on urgency and needs
Investment/Exchange = $1,200.00 USD

End of life doula support

Ideally, I work with people early enough in the dying process to develop clear end of life wishes and begin processing together so that when death comes, it is met with peace.  Navigating the end of life isn’t easy, even when you’re prepared.  When you are faced with all the decisions facing illness and death, I bring knowledge, clarity, and calm to what can be an overwhelming time. 

During this time of retreating and turning inward, I help identify and fulfill needs and wishes.  Once the needs and wishes are known, I tend to the dying person and their version of what a comforting, healing, supportive death looks like. 

Death is a unique spiritual opening and a rite of passage as individual to each person as our fingerprints.  I approach this time with great humility and embrace it with the utmost compassion.

See below to explore the variety of ways I can benefit the dying time.

End of Life Doula

Planning & Attendance

Greeting Consultation
Vigil Interview with Client and/or Loved Ones
Identify Client Fulfillment Wishes
Identify Loved One’s Care Needs
Client/Family/Medical/Hospice Care Coordination
Guidance During After Death Care
Bereavement Session with Loved Ones

Customized based on individual needs and wants
Investment/Exchange Range = $1,500.00 – $4,000.00 USD

End of Life Doulas

  • Have meaningful, open, and honest conversations about the dying process and death
  • Provide education and guidance related to healthcare agents, durable power of attorneys, do-not-resuscitate orders, and advance care plans
  • Bring awareness to the variety of choices the dying person may not be aware of
  • Carryout plans for how the dying person’s environment is supportive through the senses
  • Allow the dying person and their support system to be present with and make meaning of the time left
  • Provide 24/7 care in conjunction with other teams like home health, palliative, and hospice care
  • Support in mending relationships, promoting peace, lessening anxiety, and encouraging self reflection
  • Affirm loving kindness in alignment with spiritual and religious beliefs and values
  • Attend bedside to support the active dying process so no one dies alone unless they choose
  • Accompany loss, grief, and sorrow leading up to, during, and after death
  • Create ways to honor the life and legacy of the person who died

Kind Words

This has challenged some thoughts I have adopted but am questioning now if those are my “truth.” I have been able to solidify thoughts and beliefs I have about death. I am more open to discussion with anyone, including those at work and kids and grandchildren.  I am preparing with the feeling of completeness and love. This is ‘life’ (death) changing.

~ Laurita

Kind Words

I recognize that I have a responsibility to make my needs and wants known. That I have (some-more than I’d realized!) control over how I leave this life and how I live it. It’s been an ongoing realization for me as I’ve aged, but these conversations have driven that home.

~ Peg

What if a death here is a birth in the spirit world?

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