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what is an end of life doula?

End of life doulas, death doulas or death midwives are frontline caregivers that have special training in order to assist the dying.  The doula model of care is family centered, non-medical, and non-judgemental emotional and spiritual support.  Support is offered from initial diagnosis through after death care and bereavement.

As an end of life doula, I offer holistic care and support for individuals and their loved ones during critical illness and the dying process by filling in care gaps before, nearing, and during death.  The dying process can be physically and emotionally taxing, especially in death-denying societies where many people don’t speak of death, let alone see and/or sit with the ones they love as they are dying.  You and your loved ones might not know what to expect.  During the dying time, I offer guidance, compassion, and loving presence to help increase the quality of life moments for the person dying, their families, and loved ones.

I support others as they explore what a conscious and loving death might be for them.  Based on the dying person’s wishes I offer care, comfort, and companionships as well as advocacy for how they have stated they want to experience beauty, healing, and peace at the end of their life.  I honor religious or non-religious beliefs and am happy to incorporate many aspects of ceremony and ritual into the dying process.  I also help guide loved ones through after death care, rituals, and celebration of life. 

Before care or near initial diagnosis

I work with people to determine their life fulfillment and end of life care plans using a process called Best Three Months care planning.  This is a very in-depth process that also includes vigil and after death care plans.  Find more information about Best Three Months HERE.  In addition to Best Three Months coaching and planning, when you work with me as a doula I will also include coordination with family, loved ones, and medical/hospice care providers to implement life fulfillment care wishes in spiritual, emotional, physical, life review, and practical after death care priorities.

Sacred Passage vigil attendance 

3-day or 72-hour vigil bedside attendance during the last days of life.  The last three days will be in full support and fulfillment of the dying person’s end of life vigil wishes and family care needs.  If the dying person wishes, this service includes comfort touch, aromatherapy, peaceful music, spiritual readings, and other healing practices.

After Death Care

If you work with me through the Best Three Months, your after death care plans will already have been made.  If not, I can provide information regarding the care of the body after death.  This includes alternative and sustainable practices.  I can also guide your family and loved ones through meaningful practices, such as washing and dressing your body, anointment rituals, circles of prayer, and other sacred passage practices.  These are ancient rituals and ceremonies that our modern cultures have forgotten or have removed.  Engaging in these practices not only honors the dying person but opens the heart of loved ones in a way that helps process grief and sorrow.


Best Three Months

Advanced Care Planning

30 Minute Clarity Call (Complimentary)
1-2 Hour Greeting Consultation
5  Care Planning Sessions (About 10 hours)
Care Plan Documentation
Vigil Interview (Allow 2 hours)
Creation of Vision Map Stating Wishes
Client/Family/Medical/Hospice Care Coordination
Family Support
– Sessions will take place in person or via Zoom if needed
– Meetings frequency will be based on urgency and needs

Investment/Exchange = $1,200.00 USD
(20 Hours Maximum)

Vigil Planning & Attendance

Last Days of Life

1-2 Hour Greeting Consultation
1-2 Hour Vigil Interview with Client and/or Loved Ones
Identify Client Fulfillment Wishes
Identify Loved One’s Care Needs
Guidance During After Death Care
Bereavement Session with Loved Ones

Due to COVID-19 restrictions may apply
Based on 3 days or 72 hours bedside attendance

Customized based on individual needs and wants
Investment/Exchange Range = $1,500.00 – $4,000.00 USD

Complete package

Care Planning + Doula Services

May Include All of the Above
Best Three Months Care Planning
Vigil Attendance

Due to COVID-19 restrictions may apply

Customized based on individual needs and wants
Investment/Exchange Range = $1,200.00 – $5,200.00 USD

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