Everything you are searching for is within you

My work is in service to helping people through life and death transitions in a way that feels in alignment with who they are and who they have been.  I help people create more meaning through self-exploration, thoughtful reflection, soul connection, and bold questions.  

My approach to life and death is positive, open, and non-judgmental.  All are welcome here.

Everything in your life has prepared you for where you are right now.  I’d love to explore how I can help you.

About me

As a highly sensitive person, I’ve spent a lot of my life searching for meaning as a way of understanding myself and how I fit in the world.  My search for meaning goes deep and internally I’ve always longed to have conversations about life and death but it didn’t seem socially acceptable.  When I was 25, my baby was born still.  It was the most traumatic, sorrowful, and lonely experience of my life and is part of my passion for change in how we hold the tenderness of life and death.  In 2009, the spirit world came into my life in a way that could not be ignored and, I began studying subtle energy and what exists beyond the veil.  For most of my life, I have rejected “normal” while also trying to be part of the status quo which is a strange and sometimes incredibly painful place to be.  I am in a constant state of unfolding and unlearning.  My way of being in the world is a constant returning to Home. 

I felt so safe and supported to express my own views and learnings along the journey, without fear of judgement or being told what the ‘right’ beliefs are.  I loved how you took the lead in the most loving way Rhea, acknowledging everybody’s opinions and stories and also sharing your own was really insightful.

Abbie Fish

My third person bio

Rhea Mader is a multi-passionate adventurer, dreamer, and creator.  She is driven by her desire to help other sensitive souls find more grace and peace as they journey through life and eventually to death.  Rhea is passionately dedicated to holding space for deep listening,  healing practices, creative expression, restorative rest, and welcoming your whole self.  She loves helping others see what is possible when they remember their sacred path and purpose, even as they journey Home.

Rhea is a certified Life Coach, trained End of Life Doula, Educator, Conscious Dying Coach, Reiki Master, Chaplain Associate, Restorative Yoga teacher, and holds a certification in mediumship.

Her deepest service is to help others reach their highest potential and be at home in the consciousness of their soul.  Rhea says she is a doula for life and a doula for death – helping people transition through life stages in the most meaningful and sacred way.

In addition, Rhea is an award-winning interior architect and the founder of Design with Empathy.  She uses her passion for wellness and wellbeing to design peaceful, eco-friendly and restorative environments for wellness practitioners, senior care communities, hospice houses, wellness centers, and retreat centers.

Education & TRAINING

Conscious Dying End of Life Coach (71.5 hours)
Sacred Passage End of Life Doula (39.5 hours)
Conscious Dying Educator
Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss
Advanced Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss focused on BIPOC
Holding Space for Abortion

Beautiful You International Life Coach
Understanding Trauma for Birth & Death Doulas
Holding Space Consultant

Clinical Pastoral Education (400 hours)
Understanding World Religions for Death & Birth Doulas
In-Depth Channeling, Spiritual & Psychic Training
USUI Reiki I, II & III
Mediumship with Soul to Soul Communication
ELCA Stephen Ministries

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
Radiance Sutras Instinctive Meditation Teacher Training

BFA Interior Architecture & Design
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Design for Aging and Living in Place 


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