you are the One You Have Been Waiting For!

Everything in your life has prepared you for where you are right now.  Maybe it doesn’t all make sense yet, but there is a reason for it all.  Even the dark nights and the shadow parts matter.

You landed here for a reason.  You’re searching for more meaning in your life.  You’re longing to feel supported and encouraged.  You’re ready to step into your courage, your power, and your strength.


Let’s get clear about the future you want to create.


The real me

I’m an empath, a creative, and a spiritual seeker.  I laugh easily and I love deeply.  My life has been centered around family, home, creating healing spaces, and diving into the mystical realms.

Much of my life I have felt like I was too sensitive, too quirky, too passionate, and many other too muchness.  The years leading up to my 40th birthday became very painful.  I was in a constant state of figuring out my belonging.  Then it all stopped – because I stopped.  I completely surrendered to the unknown and put all of my faith and trust into allowing my path to be guided by the Divine.  

I entered into practices of self-love and self-care, and my life began to shift.  I remembered who I was and I came home to myself.  I’d love to help you come home too.

You’re ready for more

More balance, joy, freedom, sensuality, graciousness, magic, softness, compassion, creativity, giving, confidence, belonging, celebration, adventure, tolerance, abundance, healing, and more WHOLENESS.

Remember, you are not what you have been told or what you have told yourself in the past, you are not your past experiences, nor are you the limitations of your beliefs.  You do have to change those limiting beliefs though.  You have to start looking at your life through new eyes, the eye of the heart, in order to create your new destiny.  This is the work that we are being called to do for ourselves and for the world.

I was feeling somewhat stuck and lacking the fuel to propel my dreams forward.  I wanted direction and help to focus in a way that would be inspiring and authentic.  After our first session together I knew I had work to do and it was up to me to do it; but, I also felt I greatly benefited from the talent of a holistic approach.  My friends and loved ones have noticed that I am more calm and open to talking about my goals and aims.  Now I recognize and cherish the talents and skills I possess and see that they are of value to myself as well as others.  My confidence has blossomed professionally and personally.  I had a fantastic experience and looked forward to every session.

Jecks Lea

Persona Abode

Some of my trainings & Certifications

Beautiful You International Life Coach
Conscious Dying End of Life Coach
Sacred Passage End of Life Doula
In-Depth Channeling, Spiritual & Psychic Training
USUI Reiki I, II & III attunement
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
Youth Mental Health First Aid USA
Stephen Ministries
Interior Architecture for Sustainability & Wellness

The biographical me

Rhea Mader is a multi-passionate adventurer, dreamer, and creator.  She is driven by her desire to help other sensitive souls find more peace and serenity as they journey through life.  Whether that be through energy healing, lifestyle and spirituality coaching, or wellness design she’s most excited about helping others see what is possible when they live and give in a wholistic way.

Through her own personal healing and self-actualization journey, she has learned how to develop and express her innate spiritual gifts.  Rhea now helps others recognize their own abilities to become a clear channel of love and light.  Rhea is a certified Reiki practitioner, holds a certification in mediumship, and a certified Beautiful You life coach.  Her deepest service is to help others heal in order to reach their highest potential and become whole. 

In addition to energy healing and life coaching, Rhea is an award-winning interior architect and the Founder and CEO of Design with Empathy.  She uses her passion for wellness and wellbeing to design eco-friendly and restorative environments for wellness practitioners, senior care communities, wellness retreats, and holistic-minded homeowners.

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For peace, beauty​​​​​​​​​​ & Balance

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