Holding Space


Holding Space Consultations

Working within a specific scope of practice, I offer compassionate companioning as a form of caregiving and holding space for significant life transitions, grief, and mourning.  The way I hold space includes deep listening, compassionate witnessing, reflective curiosity, and sacred silence for intuitive wisdom to be revealed.  Holding space is about honoring stories, life transitions, and the natural experiences of loss and grief.  I wholeheartedly believe that when we are witnessed in the tenderness of life, held and accepted for all of who we are, one hour can be the beginning of our transformation and healing.  

Holding Space Consultations are not mental health counseling.  If you are seeking mental health counseling, please refer to your community providers or resources.

These sessions are one hour long, held over Zoom, and scheduled at your convenience.  If you should need a time that is not offered, please let me know.

In commitment to greater equity and accessibility, I work on a sliding scale.  I ask that you honestly reflect on your monetary resources to invest/exchange what you are able.

Single Session:
Investment/Exchange = $75.00 – $125.00 USD

If you are unable to meet the minimum rate, I’m willing to discuss how we can find an exchange that works for both of us.

Kind Words

By the end of our first session, any fears or nerves about working with Rhea were gone.  I felt like she already knew me.  She was welcoming, kind and gentle, and I felt instantly loved.  She was able to hold space for me without any judgement, and I really needed that.  Rhea helped me to find my own routines and practices that would help me see myself, hear myself and believe in myself.

~ Erin

Kind Words

The biggest change I have seen for myself is that I trust in the Universe.  I consistently practice calling in source energy every day and that has made my decisions immensely easier to make because I am not as stuck in my head about them. Thank you for your gentle, supportive and easeful way of showing up.

~ Taylor

What if you were welcomed in the way you needed?

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