Remembering & Renewing Sacred Dreams

Feb 8, 2019 | Wellness

remembering & renewing sacred dreams

Season 2 of the Haven podcast is live.  I feel like I say this 100 times over, but, I’m so excited!  I’m especially excited for this season because I am stepping into some new ways of being.  Some of these new ways are spurred by remembering things from my past and some of the new ways are a culmination of a bunch of puzzle pieces coming together to form some really deep and moving things within me.  Things that feel like they are ready to be born into the world.  More baking required though. 🙂 

In the episode, I shared the name Gail Larsen, my teacher and the “Soul Mama” behind the magical work of Transformational Speaking:  Speak a New Language so the World May Be a New World.  Gail’s work is deeply transformational and, as I share in this episode, connected to ancient and indigenous ways of being.  My work with Gail has been a beautiful part of my remembering.  Remembering stories and allowing new ones to form.

My inspiration word for 2019 is remembering.  It’s been a deep but also joyful word for me to embrace and I am having so much fun looking back to periods of my life when I was forming dreams, living carefree, building hay houses, and also struggling through painful transitions and learning lessons.  There is no light without dark and there is no dark without light.  Both are equally beautiful and transformational.  My free e-book, Creating Space, explains this in more detail.  Grab your copy below.

This also leads me to see where I have felt different for a lot of my life.  A black sheep of sorts.  I see how much I have tried to conform, to be “normal” (whatever that is), and how it has been a painful part of my journey and internal struggle.  I see now, as my friend Peg pointed out, that I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.  She nailed it. 

I hope you enjoy the first episode and please reach out on Instagram or Facebook and share how you are connecting to remembering and renewing your sacred dreams – or how you feel like a black sheep.  I know I’m not the only one.  I’d love to know more about your story. 

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In this episode:

  • Year of the Yin Earth Pig
  • New podcast cover art and changes 
  • Remembering – my 2019 inspiration word
  • Being different – a black sheep, out of the box, a rebel, whatever label you want to give it
  • Connecting to our bodies and being aware of how things feel – expansion or contraction
  • Clearing out and cleaning up – an important part of the renewal process

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