Soul Spaces: Slow Living, Slow Design & Staying Present

Jun 30, 2018 | Lifestyle

Slow Living, Slow Design & Staying Present

I know I said weekly podcast episode, but you guys, these last two weeks would not allow me the time and space I needed to get a new episode produced.  To honor my own way of living and staying true to what I am talking about in this episode of Soul Spaces, I chose to give myself a little extra breathing room so… This week on Soul Spaces I’m sharing some thoughts with you about slowing down our lives and being present enough to see exactly how our surroundings might be affecting our mental, physical and spiritual health.  Our environments truly are a reflection of our lifestyle. We live in a face paced world but we don’t have to succumb to the chaos and we can design the environments we live and work in, in ways that support us.  When we are able to be present, know ourselves, and what we need from our surrounds, we are able to decorate and design spaces that are uplifting and healing for mind, body, and spirit. Practicing slow design allows us to be in relationship to our spaces by connecting us to nature and other people.  It allows us to stop making click button purchases and slow down enough to evaluate the way things are made and who made them.  Slow living and design is a beautiful holistic practice that blends seamlessly with eco-friendly design, fair trade, and conscious consumerism.
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In this episode:

  • My highs and lows – Share yours on Instagram and Facebook and tag me
  • Mind, Body & Spirit connection to your surroundings
  • How your thoughts and emotions are reflected in your space
  • How your space can help you heal and stay healthy
  • Connecting the indoor environment with the outside world
  • Creating space for connecting with others
  • Practicing slow design

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Tumbleweed Interiors LLC is the design firm I founded and where I work with open-minded healthcare and wellness providers, progressive senior living communities and homeowners that want to experience living at home in a way that is supportive to their individual lifestyle.  I work with my clients from the birth of an idea all the way until the last item is placed in the room.  My zone of genius is eco-friendly, universal and evidence-based design.  To find out more about holistic design services visit Tumbleweed Interiors at Schedule your complimentary 30-minute wayfinding consultation HERE.  I work with people in person or remotely.  Technology and my training is a blessing in that way.
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