Nov 1, 2020 | Death & Dying

Stepping Bravely on the Narrow

I’ve been sitting with the notion of peace in discomfort during my morning meditation and prayer time.  I think I’ll be sticking with that this coming week too.  I want to wish things away.  At times I even want to stick my head in the sand but realism has me in a place of asking how I can be braver in the face of impatience, anxiety, worry, and anger.

What happens when we simply can’t find bravery?  We ask for compassion.

In May, I celebrated the 20th anniversary with my beloved.  We were planning a trip to the Pacific Northeast but that didn’t happen.  Two weeks ago, right after my birthday, we left for a hiking trip in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.  It was glorious and I found myself feeling timid.  Worried.  Free.  Unsure.  Amazed.

I felt timid and worried about going.  I felt free out on the open road (except that time we were in deadlock traffic for 1 ½ hour).  I was unsure we were doing the right thing.  Even though it was right for us.  I was amazed by the surreal landscape and beauty of Mother Earth.

These are strange times.  2020.  We are faced with lots of unknowns.  Such times call for gentleness, trust, hope, compassion, and love.

One of our hikes was to Devil’s Bridge.  The brisk air of our early morning hike was invigorating.  Hot air balloons seemingly floated in the sky around us, and at times appeared suspended.  Two miles into our hike we reached Devil’s Bridge.  There was a line to walk out, stand on the bridge, and take a moment for a photo.  The longer I was in the line the more anxiety built in me.

I watched daring people walk out and sit on the edge of the bridge.  Someone tried to convince the person they were with to walk farther by pulling their arm a bit.  A couple of times I turned away in fear of what my imagination told me “could” happen.  The whole time I was having a conversation in my head regarding my regrets if I didn’t walk out there?  Would I be ok with it if I didn’t?  Would I be ok if I did?

When it was our turn, my fear seemed to have left me.  I simply walked out, stood on the narrow, and posed for the photo.  I actually even enjoyed it!

When I returned to the previous spot where we waited I looked back in awe.  Where did the fear go?  I think I created loving space for myself to be ok no matter what I chose and then I walked right through it.

In my work with difficult emotions like grief and sorrow, I have come to realize that the only way is through.  The same goes for this global shift we are living through.  Just like birth and death, we will move through the portal to the other side.

As we continue to move through tumultuous times, remember to hold loving space for yourself.  I wish you courage to step bravely forward.  The bridge may be narrow at times so go gently and go with Love.

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Grace & Peace,

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